Not A Wimp By Any Means!

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We're #NotAwimp!! Wooooo!!!! Let's do this!! v...

We’re #NotAwimp!! Wooooo!!!! Let’s do this!! via catalinainla ~From left to right: Me, My sis & My cousin

Well, maybe I’m a tad wimpy every now and then. Last Saturday was certainly a proud moment for me. Initially I had heard that the route for the 5k run at Dodger Stadium had two hills. Not bad. Then I read the map wrong when I saw miles in tiny print reading it as hills. Miles, hills…ya…they look the same! On race day I nearly cried when I saw a FOURTH hill. Holy Sh**t!!! After that I lost track of how many we actually had to run over.

Running among the crowd made me feel strong with the exception of the times I had to walk to get over the Mount Everest sized hills that had a grade of 45% (or so it seemed). Nevertheless I pushed forward finishing at 46:55.

Considering it was my first 5K run, the route was very hilly, I mostly trained on a treadmill, I’m very overweight and I had that cold so close to the end of my training I did good! All the cheers from my friends online and in real life helped me to keep focussed. Running with my sister, my road runner cousin and her friend was a constant reminder that I’m not a wimp.

The best part was when I received a tweet by Diana from Life Well Blended, a person I’ve known only online. She was inspired by me to run her first 5K, too. I’ve never had that happen before. I was very touched.

In keeping the momentum going this year I plan to run in at least 3 more 5Ks by November. And I’m debating in joining my cousin in an obstacle mud run — it’s intense. Next year we want to try running our first 10K. It can be done.


  1. whoa 5K people in one place, it’s so motivating!
    Daren Klier recently posted..nikodem pietras fotograf ślubnyMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the mention Catalina! You really did inspire me. I hope we can actually meet someday and not in a field of 3000 runners. Maybe we can get out and run together? Congratulations on your first 5K and many more to come!

    • I was impressed to see so many people out that early in the morning for a 5K. Yes! I would love to run together sometime soon. TY!! :D

  3. All your excuses aside, bottomline…. you finished!! You both did a great job. I was “told” if we do the Disney run in January it’s going to be the 1/2 marathon lol. We shall see about that.

    • Whaaaat!!?? o.O And here I was planning on gradually working my way up to half marathon over the next 2 years. Oh, boy!


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